About Patty

Hello, I’m Patty Soud, certified personal trainer, body and exercise physiologist expert and an avid surfer.

I’ve been training surfers and athletes of all ages and ability levels for over 12 years, using a combination of functional exercises and targeted range of motion stretching.

The most important thing about training is having the right plan in place in order to achieve the results you are looking for. This is my inspiration to create Fitness for Surfers...to give you the plan you need to take your fitness, nutrition, and surfing to the next level, at any age.

I’ll show you that proper, performance-oriented training does not need to be painful, complicated or even overly competitive in order to produce huge results. In fact, it should be quite the opposite - you should be training to both improve strength and ability level, but also to help prevent injury and reverse the aging process.

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Surf-Specific Training & Fitness Programs

24/7 Membership Access to 30min Workouts you can do anywhere and everywhere. Programs are designed to improve your total surfing experience: paddling, balance & coordination, endurance, recovery & energy level.

What's Included:
Workout Routines & 30-Day Programs
Stretching Routines to Ease Body Aches & Pains
Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Guide
Hundreds of Healthy Recipes
Access to ask me anything!

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