3-level Functional Training Program

Designed to Help You Catch More Waves & Have More Productive and Fun Surf Sessions

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Product Description

  • No equipment necessary. All exercises can be performed using your body weight as the resistance
  • Includes Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 workouts
  • Each workout includes modifications and progressions for each exercise
  • Each workout contains: warmup, core exercises, upper body exercises & lower body exercises
  • Each workout is presented in an easy to follow video…you get to follow right along as we perform each exercise!
  • eBooks accompany each workout video and provide easy instructions for performing each exercise
  • Each video contains a timer and rep counter
  • All 3 workouts can be performed anywhere and everywhere
  • Includes a program outline – where we fully explain how to use the program and safely progress through each workout, plus how and when to increase workout capacity

3 Targeted Stretching & Mobility Routines

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Product Description

Improve Range of Motion, Mobility & Help Prevent Injuries

  • No equipment necessary
  • Each stretch routine is presented in a video that includes instructions and alignments for each stretch
  • You can follow right along with me…I’m performing the entire routine, holding each stretch for multiple breaths for maximum benefit
  • Routines Include:
    • Full Body stretch sequence
    • Lower Body (Legs, Hips & low back) Mobility stretch sequence
    • Post Surf stretch sequence
  • All 3 stretch routines can be performed anywhere and everywhere


Exclusive Bonuses

FFS -Bonus-DVD


Bonus #1 – Power Training Bodyweight Workout ($65 value)

We performed this set of bodyweight exercises at the park, using the stationary bars. They can be performed at the park, in-home or at the gym.

Contains extra exercises and exercise combinations that will take your training and fitness to the next level.

Just be careful – those who have consistently used these exercise have been seen performing freakish Slater-like moves in the water. You’ve been warned.



Bonus #2 – The Fit Body Way Nutrition Guide AND Cookbook

These are our favorite post-workout or post-surf session meals. It features 6 quick to prepare meals and smoothies.

All recipes use:

  • readily available ingredients you can find at your local grocery or healthy food store
  • are quick and easy to prepare
  • do not require any fancy kitchen appliances or Iron Chef skillz

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, lean protein, smart carbohydrates and healthy fats will absolutely elevate your fitness regime and take your surfing to a new level. All recipes are taken from our leaning eating cookbook – The Fit Body Way.

Why You Need to Try Fitness for Surfers

We give you everything you need for serious results.

The Fitness for Surfers program…

  • Perfect for those with busy work schedules or those that travel a lot
  • Workouts can be done anywhere…no equipment needed
  • Gives you an awesome workout in 30 to 40 minutes
  • Time-tested workout & stretching sequences for surfers – takes the guess-work out of thinking about which exercises or stretches to do and in what order to do them

The Fitness for Surfers program is easily a $149 value

You can get instant access to the full program for just $44.95.

There are no more excuses. No expensive equipment is required. The workouts can be done anywhere and everywhere. I know you’re ready to transform your body and your surfing. Start training today!

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Running through 1 round of the workout takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on how much rest you need in-between each exercise.

We recommend training 3 to 5 days each week. This will give you the absolute best results. In the program, we coach you through getting started and how to progress through of the 3 levels.

However, you might find 2x per week of the program is where you need to be, if you’re just starting out.

First of all – great choice to start training!! We provide detailed notes on how to get started with the program, as well as how to safely progress. All of the exercises outlined in the program are safe for anyone to try and

NO. All of the exercises performed are done using only bodyweight for resistance.

As you progress through each workout, you might find that you want to incorporate dumbbells or resistance bands for extra challenge and progression. This is totally fine, but not required.


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