The Most Complete Surf-Specific Training Program

We Take Care of All 3 Phases, Turning You Into A More Athletic & Fluid Surfer

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With the Fitness for Surfers program you’ll develop incredible functional strength and build the kind of athletic power that will help you perform in the water when it counts most…during epic swell.

The key to improving your overall surfing ability, performance and confidence is proper functional training – building foundational strength and increasing range of motion throughout your entire body will result in you becoming a stronger, more confident surfer and waterman.

To achieve this, you need a time-tested, proven workout that will help you achieve the results you want and need. And, a workout strategy that covers all the bases for the modern, everyday surfer: workouts, stretching, nutrition – optimized to fit into your busy schedule.

As surfers, we all want to improve and preserve our surfing ability & increase our comfort in the water, especially as we age. The absolute best way to get stronger and more confident in the water is by building foundational strength throughout the body through functional training.

With Fitness for Surfers, you will…

  • develop incredible full body functional strength
  • boost your balance and coordination
  • increase endurance and cardiovascular level
  • and, evolve into a more powerful and athletic surfer

The best part is that getting started is easier than you think:

  • no fancy equipment required
  • no overly strenuous workouts that injure your body and zap your energy
  • no awkward, overly complex exercises that you hate performing
  • all workouts are presented in follow along format, so you can workout and stretch alongside me, each rep and breath

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