Kelly Slater Interview on Fitness, Stretching, Nutrition & Overall Health

Kelly Slater is the world’s greatest surfer.

He’s been the worlds greatest surfer for over 20 years and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Today, he’s surfing with as much power and fluidity as during his younger years, and he continues to push progression and innovation in surfing to new heights.

Kelly Slater - not your average 44 year old
Kelly Slater – not your average 44 year old

He credits his on-going health journey (fitness & nutrition) for his ability to continue to surf and compete at such a high physical and mental level. Fitness, stretching and nutrition are a huge interest of his and something that he practices and trains for on a daily basis.

Watch and listen as fellow pro surfer Mark Occhilupo interviews Kelly Slater about his daily nutrition, fitness and stretching habits.


Today, Kelly Slater is not the only veteran surfer to still be performing at such a intense level. Surfers such as:

  • Laird Hamilton
  • Tom Carroll
  • Shane Dorian
  • Gerry Lopez
  • Garret McNamara
  • and, many more

Plus, every new budding surfer trying to earn their weight on any tour (local or world) is incorporating some type of training program into their weekly routine, both at home and on the road.

This is because a fit, athletic body performs much better in the water –  moving and surfing with more energy and power, enhanced coordination, better endurance and less injuries – all of these work together to keep you surfing at a much higher level for a longer period of time.

The pros figured this out many years ago and have been using strength training and stretching to their advantage…to further enhance their talents.

Surfing is a physical activity. Just like every other physical activity, proper exercise and nutrition enhance your ability level, enjoyment and longevity of participating in that activity. Golf, tennis, surfing, paddle boarding, etc. – training enhances your ability to perform and enjoy all of these activities, even if you are not competitive.

Take care of your body. Give it proper exercise & nutrition. And, it’ll take care of you – keeping you surfing and enjoying the ocean for a long, long time.

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