Why Strength Training Is So Important for Surfers

Have you noticed that it seems like more and more surfers today are pushing the limits of surfing further than ever before by carving with incredible power, launching bigger airs, surfing larger waves and surviving incredible wipeouts??? It’s no longer just … Read More


I’ve been an avid surfer for over 10 years. Some of my greatest memories and best times have been had surfing both at home and abroad on surf trips. Surfing has taught me many things about the body, it has … Read More

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lakey peterson paddling
#1 Exercise to Improve Your Paddling

I want to share an article and video that I wrote at TheInertia.com. The article highlights my favorite exercise to improve surf paddling – it’s called IYTW’s Look for the image above over at TheInertia.com/Health Or, click here: http://www.theinertia.com/surf/the-1-best-exercise-to-build-paddle-strength-and-endurance/ The article highlights … Read More


3-level Functional Training Program Designed to Help You Catch More Waves & Have More Productive and Fun Surf Sessions 3 Targeted Stretching & Mobility Routines Exclusive Bonuses Why You Need to Try Fitness for Surfers We give you everything you … Read More


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gerry lopez on healthy living
Gerry Lopez on Living A Healthy, Balanced Life

Gerry Lopez – AKA Mr. Pipeline – is best known as a surfing pioneer, charging monster Pipeline and riding like nobody every did before him. He change the way people surfed and thought about tube riding. What most have not known … Read More

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